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Frequently Asked Questions

Bahá’í National Centre

How to get to Cuba

Many travel agencies around the world sell tourist visas (but see section below about religious visas) and airline tickets to Cuba. They can give advice about tourist sites as well as transportation. Flights go not only to Havana but also to Holguin and Santiago de Cuba; much information is available on the Web.

Lodging, Transportation and Food

Travel agencies also can give advice about the many hotels available. Another option is to find a private home or room for rent, which may be less expensive than a regular hotel room in Havana or nearby provinces. If you do decide to use this type of private lodging, it is best to get one that is registered with the government. Once in Cuba, you will find various taxi lines as well as bus lines for longer distances. We recommend Panataxi cabs (phone 55-5555) in Havana and Viazul bus line (phhone 881-1413) for long-distance travel. Food is available both in restaurants or sometimes in private homes if you prefer really local food.

Currency, Bank Cards and Exchange

The only bank cards that can be used to get cash in Cuba are Master Card, Visa Electron, Transcard Amigo Travel Card, Cabal and SERCUBA. Traveler’s checks are accepted but only in main banks to get cash. It is better not to bring U.S. dollars because the exchange rate can discount 20 percent tax for every dollar. Euros or Canadian dollars are better options.

Tourist Visa or Religious Visa?

If you plan only to vacation in Cuba, a tourist visa is perfect. But if you plan to do travel teaching as a Bahá’í, you need a religious visa. A tourist visa does not allow you to stay in a Bahá’í private home or in the Bahá’í Center. Nor does a tourist visa allow you to participate in Bahá’í teaching activities. Foreigners who wish to engage in Bahá’í teaching must have a religious visa. This is an important point. You can get a tourist visa from a travel agency, but only the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Cuba can make a request to the government for a religious visa for travel teachers.

The cost of a religious visa is US$105, to be paid in advance; you should apply at least two months before traveling to Cuba. To start the application process, you should send the following information to the NSA of Cuba:

You will get your religious visa once you arrive at the airport in Havana, but please inform us of you exact arrival date and flight number.

Contacting the Bahá’ís

For further information, contact the following persons:
(Area code for Cuba is 53)

National Baha'i Center - Havana City

Benjumeda # 511, entre Cipres y
Morales, Municipio Cerro, Havana City.
Phone (537) 8792392. (English or Spanish)

Layli Cabrera - Camagüey City

Cell Phone 0589333207 (Spanish)

Miguel Hinojosa - Havana City

Cell Phone 058933206 (English or Spanish)

Luis Orlando Pérez - Camagüey City

Home Phone 032282543 (Spanish)

Elena Bravo - Havana City

Home Phone (537) 2052661 (English or Spanish)

Héctor Costa - Havana City

Home Phone (537) 6441256 (English or Spanish)

Mr. David Moya - Villa Clara

Home Phone (5342)453285 (Spanish)

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