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"The earth is but one country"

About Cuba – Land, Weather, Culture, Population

Map of Cuba

The Cuban archipelago is made up of the island of Cuba (the biggest island), the Isle of Youth and some 4,195 keys and islets. It is located in the  Caribbean Sea near Mexico and the United States. Cuba has a total land area of 110,922 square kilometers. The land is very fertile with abundant ggreeen trees and beautiful flowers.there are wonderful beaches, mountains and valleys. Cuba is a great place for swimming, diving, fishing and just resting.

The climate is  tropical with a high level of humidity. Temperature in the summer ranges from 24oC to 37oC, in the winter from 4oC to 23oC. June to November is the most likely time for hurricanes and severe storms.

The Cuban people today represent a mixture of Spaniards, Africans and Chinese – a sort of unity in diversity. Cubans enjoy music and dancing, and they tend to have a happy, sharing society, with creative, smart, friendly, communicative people.

The population numbers over 11 million people. Cuba has 14 provinces. The capital is Havana, which has a population of about 2 million people and is not only the seat of government but also the site of major industry and business.

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